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The U.F.O. EP (SoulCraft 002)

Image of The U.F.O. EP (SoulCraft 002)


A: U.F.O.
B: PsychoActive ToadStyle
C: L'Ouverture (pt.3)

Listen to U.F.O. EP

A- UFO): Casestudy:26022012 straight outta da X-Files, Narrows sets the unsettling dark tone. Classic, spine-tingling, mystical intro with eerie, interstellar electronic samples. Dropping into a grizzly, cartoonstep stomper and heavyweight 4x4breaks. 'Fun, bouncy and from a place beyond the stars.'

B- (PsychoActive) ToadStyle: An interplanetary kungfu soundtrack, infused with mighty 4x4breaks and trademark Narrows industrial bassline. 'Big, bad and bashy - This one's for the raving crew, dancefloor destroyer.'

C- L'Ouverture Trois: Part 3 of 'The Opening' series. A Hyper-hyped
4x4beat chipping along at 280bpm. This quirky rinse-out displays Narrows at his rawest best. 'Blasting out an alienfunk electro-riddem from an alternative dimension.'

Each CD sleeve artwork is an original graffiti/stencil by DJ Narrows which is signed and numbered out of 100.

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