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The NightFox EP (SoulCraft 003)

Image of The NightFox EP (SoulCraft 003)


A: The NightFox
B: Sharkhead Skank
C: The Locus Queen
D: Black Sheep

Listen to NightFox EP

A- The NightFox: Dancing in the shadows, the elusive, ingenious urban specialist, ‘in tune’ with our concrete jungle. The fox is the ultimate stealthy and intellectual urban inhabitant and DJ Narrows flicks his bass-heavy bushy tail beaming dubsonic frequencies. ‘Cheeky pitta-patta snare riddem, lavished with a falling sub-bass. An instantly recognisable track will send soundbwoys scattering.’

B- Sharkhead Skank: Deep, in the unknown blue prowls the serious and most deadly of predators. Instinctively, DJ Narrows bares rows of razor sharp teeth displaying his devastating design and honed skills. 'A sophisticated skanking 4x4/dub break combo, laced with an aggressive woorb-bass riddem.'

C- The Locust Queen: The ‘vacuumas’ sound of impending annihilation. Conquering and consuming all before it – The locust, airborne master of the all-encompassing swarm. ‘Raw, grinding bass intertwined with the trademark lego-block Narrows stomp.’

D- Black Sheep: Dissent rises through the veins of social order and its oppressive structure. ‘Experimental rebel-step, defying mind control and manipulation by the overlords.’

Each CD sleeve artwork is an original graffiti/stencil by DJ Narrows which is signed and numbered out of 100.

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